Hello, I'm Diogo Redin

A Front-end developer passionate about product development.

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I developed this extension after struggling with having to remember which social network I used to login into websites. The first time you visit a website and login using a social authenticator (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) it registers the one you choose. When you visit the website again later on you can open the extension and it will tell you the social authenticator you have used before. If you click on 'Forget' it will forget your chosen social authenticator and you can now choose a different one, which the extension will register.

Javascript ES6 Chromium API


I have built this Secret Santa Generator because I wanted a better alternative to the existing ones. The ones I used always require me to know my friend's email addresses which is something I don't usually know. I built a web application where users can write down their friend's phone numbers and the app will message each person their match. Participants can then message back the app their gift preferences and the person that is responsible for gifting them will receive the message. This process doesn't require any sign up and the organizer of the event can download the matches as backup.

Javascript ES6 Node.js React Twilio


ViTFlow is a project that explores new ways to visualise data regarding populations and their activity. The visualizations available allow users to select a time range and see data referent to that period. These visualizations can also be overlapped to find correlations between events. Project developed by Diogo Redin and Diogo Vilela during a 2017 Summer Internship in M-ITI under the supervision of Nuno Jardim Nunes, Ph.D, Catia Prandi, Ph.D and Miguel Ribeiro, M.Sc.

Javascript ES6 d3.js jQuery Node.js


I started programming 8+ years ago, doing WordPress theme development. I got a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from IST in 2019.

Current focus

  • Expand my skill set and learn best practices in Front-end development.

Long-term career goals

  • Work in a tech accelerator or research team in a startup or established company.

Launch your idea to market in 30 days

We build minimum viable products for your ideas so you can test product market fit as soon as possible.

The usual way of launching

How long do you need to turn an idea into a functional product to test with customers? Well, we believe you can avoid the usual costs:

Money cost Hire a team to build the product without validating the idea first
Time cost Spend 6 months developing the product but never be able to launch it earlier
Fundraising Try to raise investor funding without having any early traction

Our proposal

Dropbox, Facebook & Airbnb did not start out as full-feature platforms. They built minimum viable products (MVPs) to test their ideas to see whether they would succeed. A MVP is an initial version of your app or platform that:

Basic Has just enough features to demonstrate how your idea works
Traction Allows users to sign up, download, use, interact or pay
Testing You are able to test the market demand without building extensive product features and without the need for capital funding

The process

Requirements analysis

Once you contact us, we will schedule a call with you where you will explain your idea and we will define the most important features that should be included in the MVP.

Prototype sketch

We will produce a first sketch, not a real design, where you can see how the final interface will behave. On this phase the goal is to make sure the requirements were well understood.

First prototype

To fasten the process, and since this is an MVP, we do design in the browser. This means that the first time you see the functional prototype is also the first time you see the design.

Final prototype

On this phase you can ask for 10 changes to be made to the MVP. The changes must be concise and not new features that weren't defined in the requirements analysis.


After the MVP is finished we can also put it in production. Support for the prototype will be provided for 3 years. This support includes the guarantee that the MVP is scalable.

Got an idea in mind?

Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects can you develop?

We do mostly web-based apps. If you are unsure if we can complete a MVP for your idea don't hesitate to contact us.

What is covered by the budget?

Besides the MVP, which includes the design, code and testing of the prototype, we can also provide you with a logotype and landing page for your product.

How is my ownership protected?

You retain full ownership of the MVP and other materials developed by us. We will sign a NDA and contract to protect your rights.